Glenwood Family Ministries

Last Spring I taught a class on carpentry to some high school students.  For our finished product we created and put together a bench that now sits in the back yard of Grace Community Church under a large oak tree.  I did this through Glenwood Family Ministries which is an organization that is helping restore and educate children's lives in the Glenwood neighborhood.  Here are the links if you have further interest.

Glenwood Family Ministries is also intimately involved with the up and coming Hope Academy, a new private christian school scheduled to open in the Glenwood community next fall.

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Costa Rica 2010

These are pictures are from my week long trip to Costa Rica with my church.  We took 45 folks, young and old, and spent time working in the city of San Jose.  The country is beautiful and so are the people.  I learned a lot about the joy of living in community and experiencing a different culture.  Hope you enjoy!  (click on pictures to see album)     336-337-5608

Garden Bench
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